Students enrolled in one of our international programs have the possibility to participate in our Volunteering Program. The purpose of this program is to provide to students a service-learning opportunity while they are at the UVM.


Students contribute to the local community through volunteering at least two hours a week in one of the NGO’s or Non-profit organizations associated with University. In addition, students must participate in a weekly workshop, dictated in Spanish, led by a qualified psychologist from the UVM, where students will discuss, reflect, and debate about the different socioeconomic, and cultural, contexts they are volunteering in.

Students who wish to volunteer without taking the Cultures in Contact course, will receive two credits, or two ECTS for their work.

The volunteer program ends its semester with a closing activity where students along with the teacher plan an activity at one of the participating organizations. In 2013 the students organized an activity with the patients at the disabled children’s hospital and donated materials to their special education school. Also in 2013, students organized a collection of toys and personal hygiene materials to donate to the children’s home and spent the afternoon playing with the children.


Parallel to studying in one of the UVM´s Academic Semester Programs (please see the Academic Programs brochure for more information), students have the possibility to participate in the Outreach V Program at the UVM, which incorporates a deeper understanding of the socioeconomic and cultural context of their study abroad.

The objectives of this program is to provide the community as a “live” classroom to deepen understandings of social issues and instill a sense of responsibility to communities; empower students to become active, knowledgeable, and effective world citizens; and to help the students develop hard skills learned in school & expand the student´s repertoire of soft skills .

As this is a Service Learning program, students are asked dedicate at least eight hours a week to the foundation that the UVM has agreed to partner with for the given semester, as well as the successful completion of the Service Learning Course. During the Service Learning Course students will study the economic and cultural significance of the chosen organization.


Time and Solidarity
8 hours a week of volunteer service (4 US Credits/5 ECTS)
Successful completion of the Service Learning Course (64 contact hours/4 US credit/5 ECTS)
Students can choose to help in the following organizations:

where students will help at a local public grade school an EFL teacher with classroom activities in English.
where students will work and play with children, between 1-10 years old, who have been removed from their homes, or have been abandoned by their families.
where students have the opportunity to work in workshops where disabled adolescents and young adults are taught work skills.
where students are able to work in one of the following areas within the park to help support the work they do to preserve Chile’s native plants and trees: gardening, greenhouse, transplantations, or the research laboratory.
where students are able to work with the professional staff of a local disabled children’s hospital with their duties to feed, educate, and interact with the children.
of low income physically handicapped children and adolescents. Here students play with and accompany the children while they wait to be attended by the doctors and therapists.