Evalueserve is a global professional services provider offering research, analytics and data management services to companies across the globe. Currently, the company is seeking to attract Data Science professionals. This has been achieved by the signing of an agreement between Evalueserve and Universidad Viña del Mar (UVM).
Through this agreement, UVM has positioned itself at the front line of information technology topics in Chile, with the skills and availability to assist in the development of interested students, preparing for their incorporation into the professional world.
The aim of this initiative is for recent graduates or students in their last year of study, to become specialized as “Data Scientists”. Ideally, these individuals will have focused on Business, Computer Engineering and/or Information Technology throughout their university studies.
Evalueserve’s Data Science Training Program, along with specialized classes at Universidad Viña del Mar, will provide the skills necessary for the students to be able to analyse big data used by major industries worldwide.
Kathleen Lowry, Head of International Programs at Universidad Viña del Mar, is very pleased to have closed this agreement with Evalueserve. “It will be a great benefit to the students of the region” she said. This program will teach skills that are not emphasized in depth in the classroom, thus highlighting the diverse Data Science skills of the students in our region.

In addition, Vice President and Country Head of Evalueserve Chile, Sumeet Sangar, said: “International companies like ours, with dynamic, modern and multicultural features usually come to the conclusion that the skills of the new graduates should be re-adapted to this new reality, which is why we decided to open up the academic world to deliver these skills before the students graduate, introducing them to the professional world as updated as possible.”

Finally, it is important to highlight that all students of the region with the relevant studies (Business, Computer Engineering and Information Technology) be encouraged to apply to this joint initiative certificate program.