Intensive Spanish Program

The UVM´s Spanish center also offers three, four week intensive Spanish and Chilean Culture courses during January, June, and July. These programs are offered in its in house Spanish Center aimed at providing students who do not have the opportunity to spend an entire semester at UVM with the opportunity to travel abroad and improve their Spanish fluency.

The benefit of having small class sizes with these programs enhances the student´s ability to improve their Spanish in a short period of time.
Students in our intensive Spanish programs also complete 8 hours of volunteer work in a children´s home, or at the botanical gardens. This opportunity allows the students to experience all aspects of the culture, as well as the opportunity to use their Spanish skills outside the classroom.
The intensive programs include:

• Student orientation
• Homestay with a Chilean Family with three meals a day, WIFI, and laundry
• Tour of Valparaiso and Pablo Neruda´s house in Isla Negra
• Round-trip transportation from the Santiago airport
• Learning materials

The following courses are offered in our intensive programs:

Communicational Spanish and Chilean Culture

Contact Hours: 76 Credits: 5 ECTS: 6

The overall objective is to increase the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing in Spanish from a communicative approach. Learning takes place through geography, history and culture of Chile. Students receive overview that will allow you to analyze, understand, and compare a Hispanic country like Chile with their country of origin.

Communicational Skills: Grammar and Composition

Contact Hours: 44 Credits: 3 ECTS: 4

This course teaches Spanish through a communicative approach. Through various teaching techniques, students will be able to increase their skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. At the advanced level students will learn how to redact professional documents such as e-mails, formal letters, and their resumes.