MEETLATAM, Regional Innovation Fair in Valparaíso, is a series of talks where the leaders of innovation and entrepreneurship in Latin America meet, with the aim of strengthening and promoting ideas that will make a change in the world.

This meeting was held in the Enjoy Casino of Viña del Mar and it had 25 stands of different universities and institutions. There were more than 20 talks by world experts, entrepreneurs, and business people of the region.

Within these talks, the Universidad Viña del Mar (UVM) had a successful  involvement, that ended with the participation of the Vice-president of Internationalization and Outreach, Carlos Ramírez, in a presentation entitled “Challenges of the Region: Social Innovation”.

“Quality of life, trust in regional innovators, and the creation of the necessary ecosystem for the development of the region, are basic elements so that Valparaíso can be sustainable and a leader on a national level” was the answer of the Vice-President, Carlos Ramírez, when he was asked about the role of the UVM in Innovation and Inclusion topics.

UVM Projects
On the other hand, the Regional Innovation Fair MeetLatam wishes to be the biggest community of hispanic entrepreneurs, generating meetings, in person and online, in order to create better development. In this environment, the Universidad Viña del Mar, presented 2 of its more distinguished projects that are an essential part of its educational project: the Center for Regional Innovation and Social Inclusion (CRIIS) and ERASMUS.

CRIIS, is a project funded by the Ministry of Education, that in an innovative way focalizes its work in 2 areas: Forestal in Viña del Mar and the community of Nogales.

The objective of this project is to develop an outreach and investigation role model along with coordinating programs with strategic partners, such as TECHO, Corporación Mujeres Líderes para Chile and Fundación La Semilla.

Also, ERASMUS is one of the latest projects in the International Office of the Universidad Viña del Mar. ERASMUS is an institution of the European Union that is related to the European 2020 strategy which comprehends all the initiatives of education, youth, and sport.

The aim of this new program is to go beyond the borders of Europe and it is in this point where the UVM achieves its role, with resources that will be used to improve the educational abilities of the students.

The conference ended with distinguished international speakers, such as the Co-Founder the Sega Game Consoles, Yuuki Fushimi as well as the innovator Uri Levine who is the creator and president of the well-known application Waze.