The warmth of its people and the perfect blend of culture and entertainment is what Viña del Mar can offer all those visiting the area, along with safety, a stable economy, museums, cinemas, theaters, outdoor activities, miles of beaches, and great nightlife.

Viña is a coastal town nestled perfectly between the hills of Valparaiso, a World Heritage City, and the sand dunes of Concón, the gastronomical capital of Chile, being only 20 minutes by car from each city. Viña del Mar is also located only one and a half hours from Chile’s capital, Santiago.

To travel within the city as well as to neighboring towns, students can count on an intensive bus system, taxis, “colectivos”, or use our modern metro system. Viña del Mar and Valparíso also have bus terminals where hundreds of travel buses leave hourly to various destinations throughout Chile and Argentina, which makes travel on the weekends more available for our students.

Viña del Mar is known as the “university city” of Chile which makes it an ideal place for international students to study.

Things to do and see in Viña del Mar

Valparaiso with open air museums and cultural centers where students can explore this city’s history.
Pablo Neruda´s home, “La Sebastiana” is also located in the hills of Valparaiso, which is now a musem that houses the keepsakes and personal items of one of Chile´s most important poets.

Close by is the rustic beach town of Concón where students can go hiking or sand boarding on its rolling sand dunes, and enjoy an empanada on one of its many beaches.
Visit Mount Campana where students can enjoy camping, BBQs , or just go for the day to hike.
Visit one of Viña’s many museums. The Fonk museum is a popular place for students can visit to learn more about Easter Island´s history and culture.

Students can also visit the Botanical Gardens which are located just 10 minutes from downtown Viña del Mar. Students can enjoy the many walking paths through the gardens, have a BBQ, and in the summer there is an outdoor concert series with a new band playing every Sunday.
In the winter season students who like to ski or snowboard could visit the various ski resorts located in Santiago.

Other places to visit in Chile

The Atacama Desert (north of Chile) is known for its beautiful landscapes and geological diversity. You can also visit the Geysers of El Tatio and the Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon). The city comes alive during the nighttime and it’s one of the best places for star-gazing; there are many tours to the various observatories that are stationed there.
Pichilemu: It’s located south of Valparaiso and it’s considered to be Chile’s number one surf spot. It’s a small town, but perfect place to catch some good waves.

Santiago: Chile’s capital, a bustling metropolis filled with different museums, good restaurants, and shopping centers. Pablo Neruda, one of Chile’s famous poets, has one of his houses in the city.
Patagonia: This beautiful region in the south of Chile is home to different activities. You can hike the “W” of Torres del Paine (one of this region’s major landmarks) and go kayaking along its many rivers.