Organized by the UVM and Viña del Mar´s Division I soccer team, Everton, this intensive three week program is aimed at young adults looking to improve their Soccer skills while learning about the cultural context of soccer in Chile, as well as a basic Spanish courses offered daily.

The program seeks to provide its participants with the complete Chilean soccer experience as well as the tools necessary not only improve their Spanish and soccer skills, but also strengthen their team work skills, self-confidence, ability to adapt to new situations, and increase their cultural intelligence.

Activities: Along with having 45 hours of Spanish instruction, participants will participate in various activities. Activities included in the program are: 30 hours of soccer instruction with Everton’s expert staff; Conferences; Visits to Isla Negra, The National Stadium, and Santiago; observing Everton’s A-team practice and running drills with them; as well as social outreach activities, such as visiting inner city soccer training camps for at-risk youth.

Requirements: Participants must be over 18 years old, in good physical condition. No previous knowledge of soccer is necessary as the group will be divided for drills based on skill level. No previous knowledge of Spanish is required. The UVM will provide a bilingual coordinator which will accompany the group in all activities.

High-school students will be permitted to participate if accompanied by an adult coach or teacher.

Dates: This program is offered in January, June, and July (Alternative Dates available for faculty led groups)



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