Internationalization Policy

The UVM’s Internationalization Policy is a set of guidelines that govern the actions at the institutional level in the University Internationalization.

These guidelines are intended to create and / or strengthen relationships with foreign institutions related to university activities, as well as to promote the University’s international profile with regard to undergraduate and graduate education in addition to research, in terms of ensuring the continuity, depth, flexibility, and innovation according to its Educational Project.

The UVM, according to its mission and consistent with its educational paradigms, puts its focus of their academic work on student learning by introducing internationalization as a transformation process in all areas, especially in the academically oriented activities that incorporate the international dimension.

It is our belief that the University should strengthen the internationalization of the institution as a substantial part of its work, which allows them to generate a relevant academic offerings to the “Millennial Generation” as an advantage to be part of a global network with partners and international groups that are constantly implementing new and innovative programs.

The 2015-2019 Internationalization Policy seeks to accomplish the following main objectives:

Strenthen the Insitution’s internationalization.
Orient the Schools in the systamatic incoporation of the international experience in their curriculums of the UVM’s majors.
Articulate the administrative, financial, and logistical management of the internationalization process.