Nowadays many corporations are looking for new talent that have not only had a study abroad experience, or knowledge of a other languages tan their native one, but also an international working experience. Students are looking abroad for international internship experience to give them a professional advantage upon graduating from the university.
It is because of this new demand for students to have and international working experience, that the UVM´s International team has developed the Explore program which aims to help students find their internship opportunities in the Valparaiso Region while allowing students to build critical skills that will help them succeed in the global landscape.

Explore is a customized internship program which will provide students with valuable knowledge that can help with their professional development. All of the internships we place students in are eligible for academic credit. The UVM will appoint a faculty supervisor and workplace mentor focused on helping and guiding the student throughout their internship. Students will receive an academic transcript, feedback reports, and a final work evaluation.
Optional Spanish as a Foreign Language courses are available for students, as is a homestay accommodation with a local Chilean family.


• Commitment
• Willingness to learn about the internship placement, but also the cultural working environment in Chile.
• Internship hours depend on the cooperation, or agency.
• Placements available for Undergraduate and Graduate Students
To apply, students should send their CV and cover letter to

Internships are available in the following areas:

• Grade School
• Early Childhood Education
• English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
• Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE)

• Import/Export Management
• Maritime Operations
• Marketing
• NPO Management
• Tourism and Hotel Management
• Finance
• Accounting
• Project Management
• Human Resources
• NGOs

• Psychology
• Social Work
• International Relations
• Library Sciences
• Anthropology

• Enology
• Agronomy

• Architecture
• Web Design
• Design

• Public Relations
• Journalism
• Nutrition

• Informational Technology

• Nutrition