The third week of august the new “Club Internacional UVM” will be inaugurated. This project promoted by the Vice-Presidency of Internationalization and outreach (VRIV) of University of Viña del Mar (UVM) wishes to enrich the experience of 150 exchange students.

The club will be developed in the Diego Portales Campus of the UVM and is organized by Morgane Hilmoine (France) and Sophie Butler (Spain), exchange students, who are currently completing an internship for the University.

This initiative’s main objective is to promote cultural links between exchange students and regular UVM students through a compatibility questionnaire, which will help matching the students and so, provide them with the best “padrino/madrina” they could wish for.

In this sense, Sophie Butler, commented that “this instance aims to bring together international students and regular students at UVM. This initiative intends to highlight an exchange of cultures and traditions and ease the students’ integration to the University Life”

The application process is now open to all students who are interested in being part of the Club; you can find the sign up form on the UVM International Website.