Over the years the UVM’s international team has enjoyed working together with various university partners to organize short term programs for their professors and their students.

The VRIV will organize the housing and round trip airport transportation from the Santiago Airport, as well as provide a bilingual coordinator (English-Spanish) that will accompany the group to all activities during their stay in Chile.

There are two models for our Faculty Led Programs. One model is for the visiting professor to teach an intensive class while in Chile, and the UVM staff provides supplemental conferences and field trips. The other model is the UVM’s team organizing various seminars and conferences based on proposed topics provided by the visiting professor.

Below are some examples of past faculty led programs

Health Services in Chile

This is an annual program we co-organize with the nursing school of Valparaiso Unversity, USA. Students visit various hospitals in Santiago and Viña del Mar along with talks about the health system in Chile. Through their visits to public, private, and rural clinics students are able to get a good view of the contrast between the public and private sector in Chile.

Current Events in Chile and Spanish Language

This is a three week program that the UVM co-organized with the Naval Academy, USA, where students took a 45 hour Intensive Spanish course, along with participating in academic talks and panels about Human Rights, Education in Chile, and Chilean Literature. Students in this program also visited various cultural points of interest such as Isla Negra, Santiago, Villa Grimaldi, and volunteered at a local soup kitchen where they prepared a meal for over 100 homeless in Valparaiso.

Human Rights in Latin America

A four week program where Valparaiso (USA) law students take an intensive faculty led course along with participating in conferences related to human rights and transitional justice in Chile. Students visit varouis historic, and cultural, points of interest during their program such as: the Memorial Museum, Villa Grimaldi, National Congress, Isla Negra, and toured a court house. One of the activities these students participat in is a screening of the documentary of the Honorable Judge Guzman, The Judge and the General, where he shows the viewers his process of collecting an evaluating evidence during the Pinochet trial. The viewing is followed by a question and answer session with the judge.

Chilean Environmental Conflicts

This was a three week program organized for a group of Environmental Engineering students from ECE Paris (France). During this program students attended daily conferences about environmental issues in Chile, ranging from mining, alternative energies, Chilean energy policies among other talks about environmental conflicts Chile is currently facing. Students took weekly field trips to relative points of interests: smelting plant, national parks, the Ministry of the Environment, and thermal energy plants.



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