On July 22nd the UVM held the Diploma Ceremony for the dual degree students of International Network of Business Administration of the Groupe École Supérieure de Commerce de Troyes (France) and the International Business Management major.

The ceremony gathered the 3 graduated students, Diego Cordova Anasco, Christian Pérez Vergara, and Paulina Mora Buvinic who finished the dual degree program successfully. During the academic year 2011/2012 these students traveled to France as the first students of their major to participate in the study program in English offered by the École Supérieure de Commerce de Troyes.

Their families and friends attended the diploma ceremony along with the Vice-President of Internationalization and Outreach, Carlos Ramírez; the Academic Vice-President, Marco Vega; and the Head of the International Business Management Major, Juan Harting who delivered the diplomas to the students.

Christian Pérez Vergara, one of the graduated students said: “I think it is a great opportunity going to France for its levels of academics and culture. Moreover, learning business tools and having professors and classmates from more than 29 different countries made of my trip an amazing experience” he also added that he was very happy to receive his diploma and successfully fulfill this step.

This event reveals once more the Internationalization offered by the UVM to its students, it also means the completion of a step for these students who are pioneers in a program like this and have become a reference for their peers.