This three-week program allows enology and agriculture students to improve their Spanish language skills in a unique and artistic atmosphere that includes 45 hours of Spanish instruction, wine tasting, cultural activities, and conferences on wine making.

The Chilean Wine and Spanish Program provides its participants an introduction to the art of grape cultivation, processing, and storing of the most well-known wines of Chile. The practical part consists of wine tasting allowing the students to get familiar with the wines from the main regions of Chile.

Activities in this program include:

Visits to various wineries in Casablanca that include tours of the vineyards and wine tastings. Students will also participate in various field trips to important historical sites in Viña, Santiago, as well as visit Pablo Neruda’s beach home.

Requirements: Students should have completed at least their second year of studies in the aforementioned majors before participating in this program. The conferences and visits to the vineyards are organized for students with at least a basic understanding of the winemaking process.

Dates: This program is offered in January and July. Alternative dates are available for faculty-led groups.



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