The Chilean Wine and Spanish Program provides its participants an introduction to the art of grape cultivation, processing, and storing of the most well-known wines of Chile. The practical part consists of wine tasting allowing the students to get familia... read more

The program seeks to provide its participants with the complete Chilean soccer experience as well as the tools necessary not only improve their Spanish and soccer skills, but also strengthen their team work skills, self-confidence, ability to adapt to new... read more

The objectives of this program is to provide the community as a “live” classroom to deepen understandings of social issues and instill a sense of responsibility to communities; empower students to become active, knowledgeable, and effective world citi... read more

The following programs include housing, round trip airport transportation from the Santiago Airport, welcome brunch, program transportation, as well as all academic materials. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Program directed towards stu... read more

The VRIV will organize the housing and round trip airport transportation from the Santiago Airport, as well as provide a bilingual coordinator (English-Spanish) that will accompany the group to all activities during their stay in Chile. There are two mode... read more